Privacy Policy

In terms of our Privacy policies the Collection and use of your Information will be done when you use our Travelobest Services, and its terms of Policy the only the protection will be done of your date and information. We only collect your data to make the things clear to you and enhance all your services and the services and the collection of information is all transparent here so you don’t have to worry lie new are hiding any information or using your date in a Wrong way.

We all aims to Protect your data and information and none of your Information will be used without your consent or agreement.

Here are some guidelines from which Considered to technology advancement and legalities

What are the information we are taking from you and how we collect it through our websites?

We are collection several type of data and information from you whenever you visit our website

  • The Data and information which helps us to identify you like your name, email, postal address, your various contact info which helps us to contact you offline as well as online.
  • Data about your Device which you have used to access the Website, Your internet Connection Details and the usage.
  • Data which is added about you but does not identify you.
  • We also collect the data which helps us to make your next visit better

What Information we are Saving?

  • The Third Party Data
  • The Data you provide us Directly
  • Date which The Website automatically navigates when you visit the website.

When you visit our website what type of Information you are providing to us?

  • The things and other queries you search on the website
  • The General Information when you fill the form
  • The Copies and Records
  • Survey Responses
  • The Transaction Details

What Type of Data we are collecting from you when you download our Application?

  • When you run our application in your Device the Application will collect the traffic data, location data, logs, and other communication data and the resources.
  • We May collect the Device’s Phone Number, IP dress, operating system, browser type, mobile network information.
  • We also access the other stored information like photographs, audio, video, personal contact, and address book information.

The Client’s Information

The Sort of Details are collected when you visit you website and other automatic data collection technology will run in the background which will collect the details like Your Device Details, Pattern and your browsing actions.

The Data we are collecting when you accept cookies

Whenever a user Enter our website some sort of data is collected via the cookies, the Cookies Track some personal details through the user’s Device, The data is only collected to understand the behavior of the client which will only help us in the improvement of our website and to provide best user experience.

The Flash Cookies data collection: The Flash Cookies will only collect the data about your preferences and the navigations.

How Do we use your Information?

  • We are only using that information which is provided by you only
  • To Provide you enhanced content and website representation.
  • The data that will promote our product and services
  • The Travel Reservation and the purchases
  • The data which help us to make you participation in the features of our website

The Data and information Disclosure

  • We Disclose the group of information of our client and does not identify any particular without the restriction, we only disclose personal data that you have provide to us.
  • We disclose the information to our subsidiaries and affiliates
  • To third Parties so that they can share their services with you
  • To make your next visit good on our website

How we disclose your information

Tracking the Technologies and advertising

  • You can easily choose to Disable the mobile or your device cookies which will stop us take the data
  • You can always send us the Email if you don’t want to share any of your details with the third parties
  • You can always send us the Email if you want to stop us by taking some details regarding the advertisement services
  • You can always send us the Email if you don’t want us to have your contact details

Your Data Security

We provide you the high end security of your data which you have provided to us, we have implemented all the measure which help us to prevent the data breaching and your personal information is all safe with us

We do not guarantee of your personal information that you have share online, any transmission of your personal data is provide at your risk, All we can do is we will notify you via the email that your personal information is compromised.

Changes we do in our Privacy policies

The Changes in the services and the changes in all the laws and regulation will require us to modify our privacy policies and data protection. The Travelobest Reserves the right to change in the privacy policy at any time.